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Peace and Love to my Muslim Family! I love you All!
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'My People Were Fair And Had Sky In Their Hair' - model: Andrej Pejic - photographer: Mariah Jelena - stylist: Kate Carnegie -  Black Magazine #16 SS12

Victoria Grant galea hat - Joomi Lim necklace
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my city!
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Anonimo: Scandinavia is most definitely contaminated. Try living here for over 20 years and then see what you think.

What do You mean saying “Scandinavia”? Scandinavia is a very big region and not all countries are similar (as so many people thinks). I lived in Iceland for 3 months, and believe me, this part of world isn’t contaminated as China or America (China, America, India, are definitely moooore CONTAMINATED than any place in this planet) Iceland isn’t, or more particulary, only Reykjavik is a bit contaminated… I was also in Norway (I love so much Norway) and it was great… I don’t saw it contaminated… In any case, if You are native from Scandinavia and You live there currently I can give you right, but if You’re not from Scandinavia, please go to Iceland and to Svalbard and then You can speak. Have a nice day ;)